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4x4 Car Rental Nairobi Airport | 4wd Kenya Rent A Car Rates, Services

4x4 Car Hire Nairobi Airport, Kenya 4wd Rental, Self Drive
Luxury Toyota Prado

4x4 Car Hire Nairobi Airport | 4wd Rental Nairobi | Kenya Rent A Car

4x4 Car Hire Nairobi, 4wd Car Rental Nairobi, Airport Rent A Car, Self Drive unlimited Mileage Kenya. 4 Wheel drive cars for hire in Nairobi include- Toyota Rav4, Pajero i/o, Honda CRV , Suzuki Grand Vitara, Nisan X-trail 4x4, Toyota Prado, and sedans-Toyota Premio, Toyota Allion. Holiday 4x4 safari cars for hire in Nairobi include land cruisers and Safari minivans, 4x4 car hire Kenia, Nollegio auto Nairobi


4x4 Car Hire Nairobi- Self Drive Rates

  •  4x4 Toyota RAV4 USD 130 per day
  •  4x4 Toyota Prado USD 180 per day
  •  4x4 Safari Land Cruiser USD 240 per day
  • All Sedans USD 70 per day 
Drive Allowance: USD 30 per day.
Insurance: Comprehensive cover.
Requirement: Valid driver’s license, Copy Valid passport or ID car,  

To Hire Contact Gorilla Safaris Rwanda/ R&N Car Hire,
Website: , Tel: +254 723684974 Email: /

4x4 Cars For Hire Nairobi - Conditions of Hire

Advance Payment.
Car hire must be paid for in advance for the entire period of hire. A deposit is required to confirm a booking in any of our locations in East Africa.

Extension Of Hire
Extension of hire is subject to availability and is subject to conditions. Corporate, Embassy Staff and NGOs; and holiday makers will get automatic extension once requested via telephone or email.

Refundable Deposit in case of damage to the car: 

4x4 self drive car hire  in Nairobi will attract a refundable deposit of USD 500.00 (Five hundred only) or more per vehicle as a sign of good will that you will return the car in good condition.  Not  must:- a refundable deposit is not a must.  In some cases it will be waived.

Car Hire Insurance
All self drive cars come with comprehensive insurance cover. Comprehensive cover include the following
4x4 car hire nairobi jomo kenyatta airport kenya
Economy 4x4 Toyota Rav4
  • Theft Protection waiver (TPW)
  • Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)
  • Excess Liability Waiver (ELW)
The terms and conditions of the insurance cover of a particular vehicle are transferred to the hirer for the entire period of hire.  RECOMMENDED INSURANCE-personal travel insurance cover.

Deposit Upon Confirmation of Booking

All confirmed booking must be secured by a deposit via a credit card or bank transfer. no booking will be confirmed without a deposit.  Deposit will be determined by the length of rental.  

Driver Age/ Driving License

The hire must be between 23 years of age and 70 years of age.  The hirer must present a valid driving licence recognized by any authority.  An international driving licence is not a must.  Also one must have valid identification document.  All Kenyans and East Africans wishing to hire cars must produce further proof of identification.  The officer in charge of a location has the right to decline one car hire if he feels the safety of the car is not guaranteed. Such refusal is not subject of review by any other employee of the company or owners.

Chauffeur driven Services/ Car hire with driver

We do offer Chauffeur driven services.  Being tour drivers, they do not usually observe the 8:00 to 17:00 Hrs work schedule.  Work for our drivers is usually assignment driven.  As the hirer you are expected to issue reasonable instructions to the driver. The driver is at your disposal. However an overworked driver is likely to cause accidents. 

4x4 Car Hire Nairobi Why Hire With Us?

  • 4x4 Car Hire Nairobi For Fun: Car hire is fun.
  • Guarantee daily rate. Our daily rental price is all inclusive.  WE HAVE NO HIDDEN CHARGES.   Quoted prices are inclusive of all government taxes.
  • NO DROP OFF CHARGES.  We won't charge extra for pick up at Nairobi city hotels and drop off at the Jomo Kenyatta or Wilson airports vis a vis.
  • Unlimited Mileage-This gives opportunities of unlimited discovery at no extra cost. 
  • Safety And Security-When you hire a car with us, you have guarantee of a car which is well serviced in in sound working condition.  Every rental car is subjected to thorough check to ensure that tyres are of the right trend,  all electronics  including car alarm, tracking and  central locking system are working.  We ensure that he lights are perfectly set and working. We make sure that the breaks are perfect and all fluids-oil, transmission and break are at the right level. All rental cars come with spare wheel.
  • Peace Of  Mind -All cars come with comprehensive insurance thus you are assured that in case of collision and damage to third party you are covered.  However please keep to the speed limits as you are not guaranteed of survival in the event of crash.  Comprehensive cover takes care of passengers in the car but not the driver.
  • Continuity- in the event of major breakdowns, your car will be replaced in the shortest time possible.  All you have to do is call our office and let us know what is wrong with the car.  If the car can be repaired, you can carry out the repair after informing the office.  The time taken to replace your car will depend on how far you are from the nearest rental location.
  • Flexibility- You can change your rental plan in the middle of the rental. You can pro-long your rental by calling and informing the office. 
  • One Way Rental/ Rent Here Leave It there:  Flexibility is also exhibited as regards pick up and drop off.  You can rent a car in Nairobi and drop off your car in Mombasa, Malindi or pick from airport and return in the hotels. You can pick the car at Jomo Kenyatta Airport and drop it in the hotels.

    Hire 4x4 Toyota Prado Nairobi
    Toyota Prado Dashboard

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Hemingways Hotel Nairobi-best Price/ Rates, Rooms, Conference Facilities

Hemingways Hotel Nairobi-best Price/ Rates, Rooms, Conference Facilities

Hemingways hotel nairobi, best offer, price, rates
The Night Ambiance at Hemingways Hotel Nairobi

The debut of this 45-room boutique hotel has elevated the standard of luxury service for travellers in the region. Beautiful in its symmetry and flooded with natural light, this plantation-style property is airy and spacious. Its 80 squared meters bedrooms each have a private balcony overlooking the iconic silhouette of the Ngong Hills.
Hemingways hotel nairobi best offfer prices, rates
Fine dinning at Hemingways Hotel Nairobi
Hallmark Hemingways hospitality, borne out of decades of expertise in welcoming guests to Kenya, makes you the focus of our every design. This new hotel, only a 40-minute drive away from Nairobi’s international airport, completes our definitive Collection which encompasses the beach and the bush.

Best Offer Rates 

Introductory Offer

Single USD 349.00

Double USD 475.00
Promotional offer Rest of the year
Single USD 495.00
Double USD 660

To book
Contact R&N Car Hire/ Gorilla Safaris Rwanda
Hemingways Hotel Nairobi, Best Offers
Simply elegant- the reception at Hemingways Hotel Nairobi

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4x4 Car Hire Dar es salaam Airport | 4wd Rental Tanzania Self Drive

4x4wd car hire Dar es Salaam Airport Tanzania
A Toyota prado Tx, and ideal car for private safaris from Dar Es Salaam

 4x4 Car Hire Dar es salaam Airport Tanzania 

4x4 car hire Dar es Salaam, 4wd Car rental Dar es Salaam Airport, Rent a car Tanzania on self drive or chauffeur driven on unlimited mileage. 
Enjoy Discount rates for  all 4x4 safari cars and Suv in Tanzania.  4x4 Cars for hire in Dar es Salaam/ Dar es salaam Airport include,  Toyota Rav4, Toyota Prado,   Toyota land cruiser Prado, Pajero i/o, Honda CRV , Suzuki Grand Vitara.  4x4 Safari cars available in Tanzania include, Safari Land Cruisers, Nisan X-trail and Safari Minivans.  Rent / hire 4x4 Hilux Double Cabins, Mitsubishi Pajero, at affordable rates.  4x4 Cars available at Kilimanjaro, Arusha, Dodoma and Moshhi.


Car hire rates are determined by many factors. Different Dar es Salaam car hire companies have different formulas.  Some base the rates on mileage, yet others use a flat daily rates.   Our car hire rates or prices are calculated on an all inclusive flat daily rate on unlimited mileage basis.  A day refer to 12 hours of day-light not 24 hours. 

Self Drive Car Hire Rates in Dar es salaam/ Dar es Salaam airport
  • 4x4 Toyota Prado / M. Pagero/ Nissan X-trail USD 170 per day
  • 4x4 Luxury Toyota Prado USD 190 per day
  • 4x4 Toyota Rav4/ Pajero io USD 130 per day
  • 4x4 Safari land cruiser ( 8 seater) USD 230 per day
  • All saloons/ Sedans USD 55 per day except Xmass USD 60 per day
  • Toyota Alphard (8 seater) USD 160 per day
To Hire any of the cars, contact Gorilla Safaris Rwanda, Tel +254-723-684-974, 

One way drop off charges apply for rentals from Dar es Salaam and drop in Moshi, Kilimanjaro or Arushaas follows:-  Pick up Daressalaam Drop of Moshi, Kilimanjaro Airport  or Arusha USD 200 for salon car, USD 5000 for Rav4 USD 500 for Prados.   An extra day of rental may apply.

Hire safari land cruiser dar es saalaam airport tanzania
8 seater Customized Safari Land Cruiser.  This car has a pop up roof for sightseeing and photography

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Hideaway Of Nungwi Resort And Spar Zanzibar, Hotel

Hideaway Of Nungwi Resort And Spar Zanzibar, Hotel, Rates, Reserve, Book, Price

Hideaway of Nungwi Resort and Spar Zanzibar
Swimming pool at Hideaway of Nungwi Resort and Spar Zanzibar

Hideaway of Nungwi Resort And Spar,

Located on the Northwest coast of Zanzibar.  Hideaway of Nungwi Resort & Spa is extended over 10 hectares of virgin land, surrounded by exotic gardens and thousands of tropical plants.  Wooden steps lead gently down to an oasis of soft, sandy beach of Nungwi. It is 55 minutes drive from Zanzibar Airport.  The resort is ideal for couples on honeymoon, families and adventurous alike.

Placidly private and elegant, the Hideaway of Nungwi Resort & Spa is a perfect retreat for leisure and pleasure.  A dream resort featuring expansive ocean front accommodations, each with private porch/ balcony each with stunning views of the deep blue Indian Ocean.  Accommodation facilities comprising of Luxury and Junior Suites, plus Villas are purposely built to guarantee a privacy and peace the guests. The 100  beachfront suites are spacious and luxuriously appointed and decorated with contemporary and stylish furniture that evoke the island’s Arabic-African Colonial heritage.

Room Rates East Africa Residents
MAY 07 2013 to JULY 07 2013
Junior Suite:
USD 118 per person per night in double sharing in ALL INCLUSIVE
Hideaway of Nungwi Zanzibar Special Offers, East Africa Residents
Special offer at Hideaway of Nungwi Resort Zanzibar
USD 93 per person per night in double sharing in HB
Superior Suite:
USD 158 per person per night in double sharing in ALL INCLUSIVE
USD 133 per person per night in double sharing in HB
JULY 08 2013 to JULY 23 2013
Junior Suite:
USD 154 per person per night in double sharing in ALL INCLUSIVE
USD 137 per person per night in double sharing in HB
Luxury Superior Suite:
USD 194 per person per night in double sharing in ALL INCLUSIVE
USD 177 per person per night in double sharing in HB

The following complimentary facilities are available: a 50m infinity swimming pool (separate children’s pool) with fresh water, internet cafĂ©, a pool table, a library, board games, table tennis, tennis court, fitness centre, kayaking, hobbie cat, windsurf- ing and guided tour of the Hideaway Botanical garden with local spices and fruit trees.

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Beautiful Subuiga And Ngare Ndare Forest, Meru Kenya- Attractions, Activities

Beautiful Subuiga Ngare Ndare, Meru Kenya- Attractions, Accommodation, Activities  
Subuiga, Ngare Ndare, Meru Kenya, Attractions, Activities, Accommodation
When you Google Subuiga, what you get is all about the gruesome accidents that occur on this hilly section of the Meru Nanyuki Road.  Rarely will anybody mention to you the immense economic potential of this area. Located within the Meru, Isiolo and Nanyuki triangle, Subuiga is characterised by diverse landscapes, rolling hills interrupted by rocky outcrops intricately merged into a beautiful scenery reminiscent of a canvas painting .  The rocky outcrops culminates into Mt Kenya, an extinct volcano, home to point Batian, the second highest peak in Africa.  Mt Kenya is undisputedly the most dominant and the most beautiful feature in the region. It draws lots of visitors from all over the world, adventurous travellers with intentions of scaling its heights or hiking in the moor lands and religious zealots who come to pray within its serene grounds. 

Much of Timau all the way to the Isiolo Nanyuki/ Meru junction (popularly known as Subuiga) are intensively cultivated undulating plains.  Wheat farms cover as much as the eyes can see. Equally fascinating are what appears to be lakes or ponds from afar. These are green houses for flower and horticulture farming. Flowers and horticulture produce from these farms are for export market.  Also noticeable are huge flocks of sheep and herds daily cows. 

This region also has a large number of private ranches and community group ranches which have been converted into wildlifesanctuaries. Notable among them are Lewa wildlife conservancy and Ol Pejeta Conservancy. Both have large numbers of Black Rhinos. Other ranches include Borana, Il Ngwesi, Lekkuruk, and Ole Lentile.  Accommodation in these ranches is very exclusive attracting the creme de la creme of the world famous.  Film actors, great athletes and royalties have been hosted in them.  A famous location is the Rutundu Log Cabins where Prince William got engaged to his wife. Lewa is also the Princes hideaway from roving eyes of the public. Other exclusive accommodation facilities include Borana Lodge, Laragai Lodge, Tassia Lodge, Lewa Safari Camp, Lewa House, Wilderness Trails, Ol Pejeta Bush Camp, Ol Pejeta Ranch House, Sweet Waters Tented Camp,  Mt Kenya Safari Club, Mt Kenya Holiday Homes. Accommodation is also available at Naro Moru River Lodge and Bantu Lodge.  Numerous camping opportunities abound.  Budget facilities include hotels in Nanyuki, Meru and Isiolo. 
From Kisima is a unrelenting descent called Subuiga.Many unsuspecting motorists have lost their lives at this particular section. From this section, one enjoys panoramic views of Meru Country characterised by inselbergs all the way to Mathews Range of Samburu country.  Tourist attractions within the vicinity include:

  • Lewa wildlife conservancy.  Lewa is among the most successful rhino sanctuaries in the the world.  Lewa wildlife conservancy is also a hideaway of the future King Prince William.  It was while on a holiday in Lewa that he took his bride to the nearby Rutundu log cabins where they got engaged. Gorilla Tracking And Mara Migration Safaris
  • Ol Pejeta Conservancy- The history of Ol Pejeta Ranch isfull of its famous visitors and equally famous multimillionaire and sometimes controversial owners.  Once it belonged to settler leader Lord Delamere. In the 1980's it was the holiday getaway of the now bankrupt arms dealer Adnard Khassogi. Today it is owned by Serena Group of Hotels.
  • Borana Ranch.
  • Il Ngwesi-A community ranch run by the Mukogongo Masai within the localities of Ngare Ndare forest.  The local Masai run the world acclaimed Il Ngwesi Eco Loge.  Besides nature walks, one can enjoy the recently constructed canopy walk.
  • The elephant underpass constructed below Isiolo Nanyuki/ Meru road allows elephants to cross from Ngare Ndare into Mt Kenya National Park without disturbing the traffic flow. this was funded by Richard Branson at a cost of 81M US-dollars.
  • National Parks of Mt Kenya, Samburu, Meru, Buffalo Springs and Shaba are within reach of this region.
  • Lake Nkunga- the sacred lake of Meru people
  • Rutundu Log Cabins:- hosted Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton when they engaged.
A visitor to this region is spoilt for activities.
  • Most of the ranches conducts game drives and some have night game drives
  • Nature walks conducted by local guides are available in the community and private ranches
  • Scaling Mt Kenya or hiking within the moor lands
  • Camel rides in community and group ranches
  • Horse riding
  • Fishing for tout in the lakes/ tarns and streams within the mountain
  • Learn adventure tricks at Mt Kenya School of Adventure- a high altitude training school
  • Cycling within the ranches and community ranches.
  • In summer you can engage in via Ferrata in Mt Kenya

    Enquiries Contract  
    R&N Car Hire/ Gorilla Safaris Rwanda
    Tel:+254723684974 Email:

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Kenya 4x4 Rent A Car | 4WD Car Rental Nairobi Airport

4x4, 4wd safari car hire and rentals Nairobi Airport Kenya
Custom made Safari Land-Cruiser.  The 8 seater 4x4 specifically for group safaris. 
It has a pop up roof for sightseeing and photography. Though it comes with a driver, with prior  arrangements we can hire it on self drive.

4x4 Car Hire Kenya | Nairobi 4WD  Rental, Airport Rent A Car

4x4 Car Hire Nairobi-A guide to 4wd car hire Nairobi- Unlimited mileage, Car hire with drivers (Chauffeur driver) or  self drive options.   Enjoy discount prices or rates for  4x4 Suv vehicles in Kenya  like  Toyota Rav4, Toyota Prado Toyota Premio, Toyota land cruiser Prado, Pajero i/o, Honda CRV , Suzuki Grand Vitara, Safari Land Cruisers, Nisan X-trail and Safari Minivans.  Rent / hire 4x4 Hilux Double Cabins, Mitsubishi Pajero, at affordable rates.  4x4 Cars available at Jomo Kenyatta Airport (NBO) too.
Self Drive Car Hire Rates in Nairobi Kenya
  • 4x4 Toyota Prado / M. Pagero/ Nissan X-trail USD 170 per day
  • 4x4 Luxury Toyota Prado USD 190 per day
  • 4x4 Toyota Rav4/ Pajero io USD 110 per day
  • 4x4 Safari land cruiser ( 8 seater) USD 230 per day
  • All saloons/ Sedans USD 55 per day except Xmass USD 60 per day
  • Toyota Alphard (8 seater) USD 160 per day
To Hire any of the cars, contact Gorilla Safaris Rwanda, Tel +254-723-684-974, 
Car Hire Requirements
  • Hirer must have a copy of valid passport and  driving licence
  • On confirmation of hire, hirer is required to pay a deposit commensurate with duration of hire depending on car type
  • Full payment of hire amount on the first day of hire.  Upon confirmation of booking, the hirer is required to pay a  deposit- usually an amount of the hire amount.  The balance is payable in cash at the point of hire on the first day of hire.
  • A refundable deposit is required but we may waiver it depending on driver age.
  • The hiring officer may request to take your photo.

Why Hire From Us

  • Peace of mind
  • Guaranteed daily rate
  • No mileage charge- all are unlimited mileage
  • Free to drive anytime even at night
  • Flexibility and discovery   
One way car rental avaible between the following (a) Nairobi/ Jomo Kenyatta Airport and Mombasa/ Mombasa airport
(b) Nairobi/ Jomo Kenyatta Airport and Malindi/ Malindi Airport
(c) Naiorbi Kilimanjaro / Arusha- comes with a driver.
A one way rental charge will apply depending on the vehicle you hire. One rental may be waived

Our car  Hire  Services / Car Rental locations include-Nairobi City Centre Office, Nairobi Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (Coded NBO or JKIA) serving the whole of the country and Nairobi.  Other locations in Kenya include, Mombasa TownMoi Airport Mombasa (MBA), Malindi Airport (MYD), Kisumu, Nakuru, Nanyuki, Nanyuki Airport, Isiolo and Isiolo Airport. They  open from 08:00to 18:00 hrs from Monday to Saturday. 

In the rest of East Africa rental locations (locations des voiture) are Kigali (Rwanda),  Kampala  Jinja and Entebbe (Uganda), Entebbe Airport,  Bujumbura (Burundi) Dares salaam, Dar Es Salaam Airport (DAR), Kilimanjaro Airport (JRO), Arusha ( Tanzania) and Zanzibar.

Self Drive Wildlife Safaris.
On hiring 4x4 car in Nairobi Kenya, you are free to engage on self drive wildlife safaris.  Self drive safaris need one to  be familiar with animal behaviour in the park otherwise take a driver with you.  All the animals you come across in Kenyan Parks are wildMany a times, guests have been injured or even killed by wild animals.  Your insurance will not include injury by wild animals.  Some animals especially the cats may look beautiful, harmless and even friendly.  Some will approach you and even climb on the bonet of your car.   Such may turn wild without warning do not poke fingers into them or even touchDo not get out of your car while in the parks. Blocking animal routes is interpreted as an act aggression. If you block elephants, they will toss you and your car off their route with grave consequences. Below are some of our wild safaris you may engage in

The wildebeest Migration Safaris

Several  wildebeest migration 2013 Safaris are organized in both  Maasai (Masai) Mara and Serengeti National Parks.  Depending on accommodation and transport mode, the safari can either be luxury, mid range or budget.  wildebeest migration safaris masai mara serengeti national parks

The duration of the safari depends on various factors but mostly on time  and budget available for the traveler, the purpose he flexibility of the guest.  The all drive 11 days Masai Mara Serengeti  Migration Safari
commence from Nairobi and returns to the same via Maasai Mara, Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Manyara, and Amboseli.  Also see 10 Days Wildebeest Migration Safari Serengeti National Park .  The 8 days fly drive Masai Mara  is a luxury option. Guests fly from Nairobi Wilson to Masai Mara and return to the same.   The 4 days 3 Nights Migration safari combines Masai Mara, Lake Nakuru National Park and Lake Naivasha.  The 6 days Best of Tanzania Safari focuses on migration in Serengeti National Park. 

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Tips for safe highway driving in low-visibility conditions - The Washington Post

Tips for safe highway driving in low-visibility conditions
Minimize distractions. Turn off radio and avoid using phone. Buckle up and make sure your passengers are buckled up, too. Watch the road for slow-moving or parked vehicles. In fog, use your wipers and defrosters to help improve your visibility.

Hire car Nairobi Kenya All cars available on self drive unlimited mileage basis